Second Helping: Synopsis / Songs

Second Helping offers ten different views of Love in its many forms. In Friday the Thirteenth, a bank clerk falls instantly in love with April, a new customer; a kind of one-act song. Casual Conversation - the real truth behind the lines in a normal 'chat-up'. Passion - a glimpse of a more physical kind of love coming from a nurse to her patient. Jubilee Road - Selina is at an awkward age, and don't her parents know it: she feels unloved, unwanted, and there's nothing she can do about it, except fantasise. Collaboration is the key to a healthy marriage; here the husband tells us all about it. Fancy Meeting You - two ex-lovers meet by accident, apparently, and briefly re-live their memories and the events that have happened since their split-up. A Boy's Best Friend - is his mother. Showbiz Blues - the story of a night-club pianist whose dream-lady, a singer called Anita, came and went. Unlove Song - man and wife desperate to separate, but not before they let us in on the faults of their other half. Love Song - is just that.

The Songs Of Second Helping

1. Friday the Thirteenth
2. Casual Conversation
3. Passion
4. Jubilee Road
5. Collaboration
6. Fancy Meeting You
7. A Boy's Best Friend
8. Showbiz Blues
9. Unlove Song
10. Love Song

Synopsis by Paul Todd. Please do not reproduce without permission of the copyright holder.